Missing Emojis in KDE

How else to stay hip with the kids?

I’ve recently switched back to KDE after an extended stint on GNOME. I love the polish and workflow of GNOME, but the Plasma desktop is so packed with power-user features that it can be hard to stay away for long. Of course, what I mean by power-user features is their excellent emoji support. Just like on macOS, Plasma has a button combo, super+., which will bring up a searchable emoji picker. [Read More]
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Fixing Windows Hello for Business Pin Error 0x80090016

Background I’ve recently been deploying a new enterprise setup for my company. Part of this process involves configuring device registration with an Azure Hybrid Active Directory. We also decided to use Active Directory Federation Services (AD FS) with Multi Factor Authentication (MFA). While setting up one of the machines I ran into the above screen while trying to setup Windows Hello for Business, AKA a pin for the user I was logging in as. [Read More]

Repairing GRUB on KDE Neon

Background I recently capped off about two weeks of nasty computer trouble with being unable to get KDE Neon to boot on it’s own. GRUB would boot into it’s recovery shell, and I would have to use pesky command line trickery1 to get my system running. Now, normally this is a quick fix. A little GRUB housekeeping and update-grub should do the trick. However, the strangest things were happening. No matter my changes, nothing was taking. [Read More]
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